Products that Empower

Made by Women

Look for our “Made By Women” icon in many of our products’ descriptions.  When you see this symbol, you can know that not only are you receiving a quality product, but your purchase directly supports employment for women from disadvantaged communities.

Proceeds Support Women

No matter what you purchase from our store, you can know that all proceeds are used to support Head First Development’s mission to empower women to be change-makers within their community.

Fair Trade

Purchasing fair trade items from women in disadvantaged communities gives them an opportunity to break recurring cycles of poverty for themselves and their family.  All of our products are made in accordance with fair trade principles.

Handmade bags provide income for women in India
Hand made home decor providing jobs for women in India and Nepal
Buy a scarf for yourself, provide an income for a woman in need
Buy a blanket for yourself, provide an income for a woman in need
Your Purchase
Changes Lives