Does your state tax tampons? Tax Free. Period.

Does your state have a tampon tax?  Over 2/3 of the states don’t consider tampons and other feminine care products a necessity and tax these items as if they were whimsical purchases, like cherry-flavored lip gloss.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t find tampons very optional every 28th day especially when I’m wearing my new white pants.  And aren’t women so cute, wanting affordable menstrual products?  This is one of those things, like mammogram machines, when I think if men had to deal with this, the experience would be totally different.  Like no taxes for tampons or a mammogram machine with soft edges. 
The “Tax Free. Period.” campaign, a partnership between Period Equity and Lola, seeks to eliminate these unconstitutional and illegal sales tax laws. Get more information here, find out the laws in your state and how you can help wipe out these discriminatory taxes. It won’t take much of your time and will ultimately save women millions of dollars each year.



To learn more about the tampon tax and the history of the
movement to end it, click the link below!