Generational Change A Benefit of Free Child Care

One thing that we love to do at Head First Development is to find other organizations that are making a difference in the world and share their vision with others. We are all about breaking cycles of poverty through generational change. If you change the lives of young people through education, you can change the trajectory of the whole family for future generations.
Mobile Creches is an organization that is doing just that. They identified a need in their community and have spent half a century working toward filling the gap.
So.. What is the Issue?
“As India grows, its people are increasingly moving from rural areas to urban centers, which are ill-prepared to receive them. Industrial construction projects are sprouting up everywhere, but very few public services are available near the sites. Toddlers and babies roam the camps under the supervision of the community, receiving very little education or medical care. Many of them are malnourished.”*
For almost 50 years, Mobile Creches has been caring for vulnerable children and mothers through its community-oriented early childcare and child education model. Their daycare centers are based at construction sites and informal urban settlements, where onsite child care is not normally provided. According to reports, kids who attend mobile creches for significant periods of time show gains in nutrition, hygiene, and cognitive and school readiness skills.
The world is a huge place, but with organizations like Mobile Creches and Head First Development, lives are being changed everyday.