Huldah Buntain An Inspiration to All

My sister Maureen and I have been blessed with a most marvelous mother.  Every day she models what it means to be a strong and powerful woman.
Growing up in India, I watched as my mother sat with impoverished women and their children, writing down their social histories, often even creating names so that the children would be able to enter school.  Her message to these women was one of empowerment: working together, we will change the future for your child.
Now we are on the 4th generation of impact.  From those original street children, their great-grandchildren are now professionals.  Working with families, my mother always emphasized pride with education. Praise accomplishments as they happen.  Celebrate successes. Feel good about what you are doing today.
So today, Maureen and I celebrate our mother, Huldah Buntain.  In addition to being the matriarch of our ever growing family, she gave of herself to change the lives of thousands of children.  We love you Mom! You continue to inspire us.
Bonnie Long
President of Head First Development