Shakti The Power of Women

Kolkata has just seen one of the largest festivals of Eastern India, Durga Puja. It’s a festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil and embodies the worship of “Shakti”, wherein the female goddess is worshipped in all her prominent forms. She is the truest form of an empowered woman.


And this “Shakti” or power is also seen in the modern day women of our country, our city and our Hospital. The world over is reeling under the impact of Covid-19, and its ripples have been felt by everyone. In spite of the pandemic, the world has also had to function, start moving towards some semblance of normalcy and women have been in the forefront of this battle. Whether it was managing homes in the lockdown or helping economy restart, they have played a vital role. One such critical role has been that of the healthcare professionals, and the healthcare professionals of Mercy Hospital have played an equally stellar role. Whether they were doctors or nurses, administrators or customer service, security or cleaners, the womenfolk of Mercy Hospital braved everything to assist the ailing of the city. 


Despite the challenges of travel, as most depend on public transport, which was shut /less during the lockdown, a difficult environment, short supply of protective gear, and the possibility of exposure to the virus, a number of the women employees ensured that they fulfilled their duties, and some even went beyond the call of their duties. From medical consulting to managing the ICU beds. From running the hospital operations to managing the finance in these trying times. From government liaison to operating the school of nursing and adapting to online classes, the women of Mercy Hospital have been a true embodiment of “Shakti” and we salute each one of these warriors. 

-Ruhi Prasad

Managing Director, India Programs