How One Village is Making a Change 111 Trees for Every Girl Born

111 trees – what does that look like?  In the village of Piplantri, India, it looks like a forest of love and support. For each baby girl born in the village, 111 trees are planted –  a legacy from one parent honoring his dead daughter.  This tradition is meant to counteract the historic preference of boys over girls in India. The village takes its responsibility for its local environment seriously as these trees are nurtured with love that extends from the baby girls to the forest planted in their honor.  The current of caring from parents to baby girls to the trees to the village flows through the community, building a strong connectedness to the natural world.


The village goes beyond planting trees too: a trust is established for each girl at birth, ensuring financial independence. To receive the trust, the girl’s family promises not to have the girl marry before the age of 18.  The families of Piplantri have taken the symbolic act of planting a tree – creation of new life – and metamorphosed it into a tangible act of freedom for girls in their village.


Photo by Deny Ekayana on Unsplash